Nicole and Scott

Scott and I have been married for almost 19 months now, together for 7.5 years. Thanks Daniel for an AMAZING reception!!

~Scott & Nicole

Here are just a few of the photo's from their amazing wedding celebration! Did you have as much fun as their guests did at the last wedding reception you attended? 

Grand Entrance with Lightsabers!


Scott owns several of these replica lightsabers (these aren't the toy ones) and his wife Nicole wanted to encorporate thse into the wedding as a surprise! I thought this was an awesome idea to bring their own personal style into their celebration. During one of our planning sessions, we discussed several ideas and decided to create a grand entrance with the lightsabers! The surprised look on Scott's face was priceless.

Daniel introduces Scott and Nicole's Wedding Party

Rather than just read the names of Scott and Nicole's wedding party members, I provided a little background information so the wedding guests could learn a little more about each wedding party member. I dropped in some sound clips from movies to create some great punchlines and the guests as well as the wedding party members were laughing uncontrollably!



Scott welcomes his guests to their reception


During our planning sessions together, I learned Scott suffers from severe stage fright. We discussed the idea of welcoming their guests to the reception after the grand entrance and they loved it. Scott mentioned just as long as it’s not me holding the microphone at the reception. Seeing an opportunity for a memorable moment, after the applause from their guests died down, I handed Scott the microphone and walked off and returned to my booth. The look on his face had everyone laughing, and all he said was “Hello Everybody” and Nicole could barely contain herself. (He quickly handed the microphone to her after he addressed the guests.)



Scott quickly learned what his future held in store.



We were doing #Selfies before they were popular!



Yes these ladies are all holding belts! Be sure to ask Daniel about the rest of the story...



The celebration ended with guests enjoying the night dancing with Scott & Nicole!

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