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Est. 2009 An award winning creative Disc Jockey

Daniel David Weddings was selected as the best DJ in Lexington, KY in 2013. Thank you to all whom have supported us over the years!

Daniel's Background

Music has always been a part of my life. I first got my start working in the night club scene in 1997 under John McNese who currently hosts the Sunday Morning Radio Show for WBUL 98.1 (“The Bull”). I learned the basics of being a DJ from John, and began hosting his own dance sets and playing for the all night bar scene of the late 90’s in Lexington, KY.


From there I enlisted in the US Army in 1998 where I served in Heidelberg, Germany for three years as a Personnel Service Director. While in Germany, my unit found out I was a DJ… so guess who got asked to perform numerous military functions to include Award Ceremonies, Banquets, and Holiday Balls. Well I really didn't get asked… it was more like “You are going to be here at this place and this time because (insert event here) is going on.

 My last year in Germany I was deployed to Kosovo and was the only serviceman that worked as a DJ for MWR on three different nights providing weekly entertainment for Country, and Top 40, as well as hosting karaoke.  Towards the end of my deployment I began hosting a weekly radio show playing music and taking requests for the troops as a guest DJ on AFN Balkans.I would return back to Lexington, KY in 2001 and began working part time for a local DJ service, while also working as an Office Manager. That would continue into 2005 when I launched my first company 3D Entertainment.


Then in 2009, a transformation happened. I attended my first DJ Conference in Las Vegas. I found myself among entertainment professionals who were not simply DJs, making announcements and “pressing play”. They were skilled Masters of Ceremonies and Masters at creating magic at weddings. They invested time with their couples, learning more than just “the facts” and creating wedding experiences that told a story, both literally and figuratively. I quickly learned that with the right planning, the right preparation, and the right performer…wedding celebrations could be so much more!


So I researched their methods, soaked in their enthusiasm and adapted it to fit my style. Even today, I am honored to still consider those entertainment industry leaders not only my mentors but also my personal friends.


Daniel David Weddings is the culmination of over eighteen years of hard work and experience. The results are magical and the goal is simple: create unforgettable wedding celebrations for couples in the greater Lexington, KY area and beyond that are fun, personal, and memorable!

What Vendors Are Saying...

Michelle Landers

Weddings By Michelle
Daniel is a conscientious service provider to his clients in the bridal industry. He is dedicated to providing clients with professional DJ services for weddings and other special events.

Elizabeth Ashley

Daniel David is fantastic! He loves what he does, and you can tell! I worked with him on a recent wedding and he was the first one there and the last one to leave I'm sure. And the whole time he was working he was having a blast! I would highly suggest him to any of my brides.

Christine Williams

Daniel David was the wedding entertainer for a wedding I photographed on September 1st, 2012. Daniel was prompt and professional with the events and planning leading up to the wedding. He was pro-active with coordinating the schedule and set-up in a timeframe I needed to successfully capture the moments I required. Through out the reception, Daniel was responsive to the needs of the bride and groom along with myself. He maintained the energy in the room and organized multiple forms of entertainment to not only make the day more special, but put smiles on the faces of my subjects. As an added bonus, he handled the unexpected with flawless charisma. I would personally refer Daniel to all of my future clients and hope to have the great pleasure to work with him again.

John Doe

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Charlotte North

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